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Sprouted Khorasan & Sunflower Seed Sourdough
This is our newest bread and is becoming increasingly popular. 

​The addition of sourdough culture to the khorasan dough allows the loaf to rise before it is baked, resulting is a lighter loaf. Sprouted sunflower kernels add flavour and texture.  

It is perfect for those looking for a high-energy food and is a great alternative for people sensitive to consuming modern wheat. It contains gluten however some people with sensitivities can tolerate the gluten in khorasan.  

Ingredients: Demeter certified bio-dynamic khorasan and sunflower kernel sprouted in filtered water, sourdough culture made from sprouted khorasan. 
Customer Feedback:

At last there is a real Sourdough Bread available, thank you so much, your Pure Life “Sprouted Khorasan & Sunflower Seed Sourdough bread” is the real thing. I used to mill my own grain then shape and need the loaf for eight days before baking. Your loaf has the same beautiful aroma, but your loaf is better, your grain is SPROUTED.
​Once again, thanks so much.

Graham Muller.